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How to Use Our Resource Library

Happy almost New Year! Today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet – a simple tutorial for those who want a few more instructions on how to use our Resource Library. The Library is where we will be storing all our printable freebies – the Booknerd Backlist Challenge printables, coloring pages, printable bookmarks, and any of the PDFs you’ll find included with our blog posts. It is your one-stop-shop for all the Booknerd Lifestyle goodies!

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Want in?

This is your first chance (of many!) to get into our Resource Library. If you’re not interested yet, no worries. We’ll be here when/if you change your mind!

Welcome to the Library!

Once you enter your email into any of our ConvertKit forms, you’ll be sent a PDF that will look (almost) like this – minus the numbers and the password to our Resource Library will be visible.

How to Use Our Resource Library PDF

How to Use this PDF

Section One

This is your most important section. It will contain the password to the Resource Library. Do not lose this password. It’s your only way into the library (and the Google Drive it links to).

Extra tidbit: I will be creating a minimalist blog planner with a page at the beginning to keep all your passwords safe (that’s a great place to keep this one!)

Section Two

This part of the PDF reminds you to keep that password safe, provides my email address if you have any problems, and gives you a brief explanation of our Resource Library.

To sum it up: once you receive the password, you’ll have access to our full Google Drive of freebies (and eventually some upgraded paid items but that’s later on). Any paid items will be clearly marked as such and will take you to external links (Etsy, Amazon, websites, etc.).

All Google Drive items are free.

The Library will be separated into categories (coinciding with our blog categories) – Books, Blogging (you’ll find Canva tips in this one), Lifestyle, and Journaling. No matter what category you sign up for, you’ll have access to the full library just by clicking on each of those categories. No need to sign up multiple times.

Section Three

The third section of the PDF gives you the direct link to the Resource Library, as well as a link to this tutorial if you need more instructions than I could fit onto the PDF (and still make it look pretty).

If you have extra questions beyond what’s provided in this tutorial, feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me.

Section Four

Last but not least, I’ve added a few different links where you can find me – Instagram, email, this website, and even a link to my Etsy Shop in case you’d like to see more of my printables. Just easy ways to contact me with any questions or things you’d like to see added to the Library (it’s still a work in progress).

What if I signed up before the Library opened?

At the time of writing this tutorial, there are already 60+ amazing readers on our email list. If you’re one of them, don’t worry! I’ve got you.

Once I’ve got ConvertKit all switched over to deliver only this PDF, I’ll be sending an email out to all our current subscribers. This email will contain the password to the Resource Library and a very brief summary of this blog post. It’ll also send readers back here for the full instructions.

Haven’t signed up yet? No worries!

Does the Resource Library sound like something you’re interested in, but you haven’t had the opportunity to sign up for our mailing list yet? Not a problem! Just enter your email address in the ConvertKit form below and this gorgeous PDF will be on its way to you in no time!

I am SO EXCITED you’re here with us!

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