The Class Trip from the Black Lagoon book review

The Class Trip From the Black Lagoon – Mike Thaler

Last week, the little minions had conferences and we walked out of Girl Minion’s with a book from her teacher, one that I remember reading as a child. THE CLASS TRIP FROM THE BLACK LAGOON by Mike Thaler is a short, imaginative chapter book that’s perfect for 2nd or 3rd graders. This review is all courtesy of Girl Minion (and she was so excited to read this that she finished it the same night as her conferences😊).

Have you read THE CLASS TRIP FROM THE BLACK LAGOON? Let us know in the comments!

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The Class Trip from the Black Lagoon chapter book review
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The Class Trip From The Black Lagoon

Mike Thaler

Illustrated by: Jared Lee
Book #1 of The Black Lagoon Adventures
Publisher: Scholastic Inc
Pages: 64
Reading Age: 7-8 years

What is The Class Trip from the Black Lagoon About?

The story is about a class trip and there’s a boy who doesn’t know where he’s going and he’s wondering where. Trying to guess before the trip.

What did you think of this book?

I thought it was really silly and I thought the characters were just imagining because a kid couldn’t sail across the ocean. And I thought the penguin was really silly.

I thought the drawings were really creative. The art was really pretty and I thought that they were maybe going to go to the art museum.

I thought it was funny that all the kids thought they were going to take an airplane or a train, but they could take a school bus. And the fact that the kid (Neil Armstrong)’s in outer space and all the other kids meet someone, like Marco Polo walked to China and met an Emperor. That was funny.

Who do you think should read this book?

I think my best friend should read this book. And I think kids that like jokes should read this.

“I thought the penguin was really silly.”

-Girl Minion
The Class Trip from the Black Lagoon book review
The Class Trip from the Black Lagoon book flatlay

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