Back to school blog post ideas for teen bloggers

85 Ultimate Back to School Blog Post Ideas

Are you looking for seasonal ideas to fill your blog content calendar? Or maybe out of ideas as all your brain power goes to getting the littles ready for school? I get it! With the start of the new school year right around the corner, back to school blog posts are all over the place, and you don’t have to be a Mommy blogger to write one! Here are 85 back to school blog posts that work for all niches – from food bloggers to teens and teachers! They’ll help you fill your content calendar and give a little brain power back to finishing the summer off with a bang!

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Back to School Blog Post Ideas
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Who can use back to school blog post ideas?

Many bloggers think that back to school is only for the parenting/Mommy niche. But these blog post ideas are great for teen bloggers, teachers, or even content creators who want to share something seasonal with their readers. As a mom, I love finding ways to make our school lives easier, and reading tips from other parents.

Back to School ideas for fashion bloggers

Back to School Blog Post Ideas

Fashion is a great way for kids and teens to express themselves during the school year. My littlest minion is very adamant about dressing herself and choosing how to express her personality through her wardrobe. Here are a few blog post ideas to write about for back to school fashion.

  1. Where to find the cutest back to school clothes for girls, boys, or teens
  2. How to choose the right backpack and lunch bag for your child (because, as moms, we know it matters!)
  3. Tips to help your child express their individuality through their school fashion choices
  4. How to shop for clothes without spending a fortune
  5. Talk about how to let your elementary school children pick out their own outfits for school (or discuss if you should)

Food blog back to school ideas

What goes into the lunch box is just as important as what’s on the outside of it. These are a few of my favorite blog post ideas for food bloggers.

  1. 5 ways to make your PB&J lunchbox more fun
  2. Do a round-up of the 5 best lunchboxes for elementary/middle school/high school
  3. Bento box ideas for school lunches (my kids are loving this trend right now!)
  4. How to make mason jar meals for your child’s lunchbox
  5. Food ideas for picky eaters (because we’ve all got one)
  6. Tips for helping your child learn to pack their own lunch – this has been a lifesaver for my sanity as a mom to elementary kids
  7. Meal planning for back to school – because life can get pretty hectic as you adjust to the structured schedule of the school year again.
  8. Cute lunch note ideas – I haven’t done this yet but really want to this year!

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Back to school ideas for homeschool bloggers

After Covid and distance learning, I have a healthy respect for anyone who homeschools their kids. If mine didn’t love school as much as they do, we’d probably be considering something similar. Here are a few blog post ideas in the homeschool niche, if your creative well has run a bit dry.

  1. Back to school must-haves for homeschooling parents
  2. The best online classes and resources for new homeschoolers
  3. How to find a homeschool co-op that works for your family
  4. Do a round-up of the best homeschool blogs for beginners
  5. Where to find homeschool printables for parents (and a round-up of some of your favorites)
  6. How to know if homeschool is right for you and your child
  7. Tips for distance learning or online schooling (because this is a thing now … thank you, Covid)
  8. How to plan field trips and educational outings
  9. Share tips and tricks from other homeschool bloggers – maybe a round-up that’s perfect for first-time homeschooling parents
  10. How to celebrate the first day of school with your littles
  11. Tips for finding the best back to school deals and discounts for textbooks and other supplies
  12. How to choose the best Christian homeschool curriculum for your child
  13. 10 best laptops for students (because homeschool and online learning is more popular than ever)
  14. 10 ways to make online learning/homeschooling more effective (and help your child be less distracted)

Book blog back to school post ideas

Book blog post ideas for back to school
HOW TO CATCH A UNICORN, featuring my littlest minion

As a book blogger, one of my favorite topics has always been back to school. I focus mostly on picture books (because my little minions are still … well, little) but there are so many other school-themed topics you can talk about!

  1. 8 picture books to prepare your little ones to go back to school
  2. How to encourage your child to read outside of school + tips for creating a cozy reading nook
  3. 4 creative ways to organize/decorate your child’s bookshelf for the new school year
  4. 5 books every college freshman should read
  5. 10 books every kid should read before starting middle school
  6. Do a round-up of the best book blog posts about going back to school
  7. Share a list of 5 or 6 books that parents of school-aged kids should read

Back to school blog post ideas for teen bloggers

Back to school blog post ideas for teen bloggers

As a high school student, I knew I wanted to write but never considered blogging as an option. It wasn’t an option. Now, teens can easily use blogging as a creative way to express themselves and practice writing. While maintaining a blog can be challenging for a busy teen, it’s a great first step for those who have an interest in a career as a freelance writer (or even a copywriter!).

  1. Unique first day of school outfit ideas
  2. Write a listicle of the best books to read as a teenage book blogger
  3. Tips for starting a blog as a teenager
  4. Quick (and easy) hairstyle tutorials for back to school
  5. DIY notebook designs
  6. Test back to school DIYs from famous YouTubers and share the results!
  7. Microwave mug ideas for quick after school snacks
  8. Round-up of your favorite books set in school
  9. What’s in your backpack?
  10. Best planner ideas for high school students
  11. Tips for the perfect school picture (or senior photo)
  12. Back to school necessities for teenagers
  13. How to start a book club with your classmates or friends

Disclaimer: While being a blogger as a teen is a great way to build your writing skills, it is very important for parents to know what their children are doing online.

Interested in starting your own freelance writing career?

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Blog post ideas for teachers

  1. How to prepare your classroom for the new school year
  2. School supplies you can’t live without (even teachers have favorites!)
  3. Tips for creating a welcoming environment
  4. Best ways to teach students with dyslexia or ADHD
  5. How to prepare for your first year as a teacher
  6. Share tips for incoming students on writing a great book review or book report
  7. Write a post for parents on finding books that match their child’s reading level and interests

Back to school blog post ideas for Mom bloggers

back to school blog post ideas for mom bloggers

Who needs back to school ideas more than moms? We do the school shopping, pack the lunchboxes, and motivate our little ones to reach their full potential. So here are just a few blog post ideas to help you and your readers prepare for the start of the new school year.

  1. Best ways to get organized before the school year (I suck at this, by the way)
  2. How to get the most out of your first parent-teacher conference of the year
  3. Write a blog post about how to get involved with your child’s school
  4. At what age should you let your child walk to school alone?
  5. Safety tips for kids who walk to school
  6. Time management skills for kids (and how to teach them to your child)
  7. How to help your child make friends at a new school (the struggle is real for introverts)
  8. Talk about the best ways to communicate with your child’s teacher (bonus points if you can include a teacher’s perspective on this!)
  9. Ways to help your child with reading comprehension
  10. 5 easy ways you can volunteer at your child’s school if you’re a working mom
  11. Tips for back to school if your child has a learning disability
  12. Self-care tips for parents (if we don’t take care of ourselves, we have nothing to give our family)
  13. Ways to teach your child about bus safety
  14. End of summer bucket list for families
  15. How to help your child select a sport to participate in
  16. How to get back into the school routine after summer break
  17. 10 things you can do during August to prepare your child for school (and avoid the “summer slide”)
  18. Tips for bedtime adjustment so your child is ready to go back to school (if your house is anything like ours, this is BRUTAL)
  19. Ways to create a homework-friendly environment (maybe give your little one their own corner of your office, complete with a desk and creative station)
  20. Should you take your child back to school shopping or do it yourself?
  21. How to get familiar with a new school before the start of the year
  22. How to deal with separation anxiety in kindergarteners (or any age)
  23. How to prepare your kindergartener (or preschooler) to start school for the first time
  24. Where to find the best coupons or deals for back to school shopping (does your state participate in the Tax-Free weekend? Mine doesn’t … thanks, Minnesota 🫤)
  25. Tips for creative and fun first day of school photos

Back to school blog ideas for Christian bloggers

  1. Prayers for going back to school or for the new school year
  2. How to pray for your child’s teacher and classroom
  3. Tips for sending your child to a non-Christian school
  4. Bible verses for students, teachers, and parents
  5. How to use a faith-based homeschool curriculum
  6. How to cope with the stress and anxiety of back to school as a Christian mom (or any mom, really!)
Back to School Blog Post Ideas
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And a few final thoughts …

Back to school time is a great opportunity to spice up your blog with some fun seasonal content. From lunchbox ideas to reading hacks, you don’t have to be a Mommy blogger to write on this topic (though there are tons of ideas for that niche, as well!). I hope these 85 back to school blog post ideas have given you some inspiration to fill your content calendar between school shopping trips.

👉What’s your best tip for back to school? Happy blogging, xo!

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