Watermelon Madness

Watermelon Madness by Taghreed Najjar

Let’s talk about WATERMELON MADNESS by Taghreed Najjar! I originally received a digital copy of this picture book via NetGalley but because Girl Minion wanted to read it with me, we borrowed a copy from our local library. If your family has a picky eater, this is definitely a book I recommend reading!

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A sweet story with a valuable lesson!

Watermelon Madness
Have you read WATERMELON MADNESS yet?

Watermelon is a favorite in our house so when I saw NetGalley had a book called WATERMELON MADNESS, I couldn’t wait to read it with Girl Minion.

The entire story centers around Noura, a little girl who loves her watermelon. In fact, that’s all she wants to eat. One night, Noura gets a little greedy and she sticks a great big watermelon under her bed. She intends to keep it all for herself but ends up having one crazy little dream … a dream that results in a tummy ache.

This was such a fun book to read. Girl Minion and I were giggling as the watermelon got bigger and bigger. But as Noura kept eating, the lesson was clear, even for a 6-year-old.

“Mom, her tummy is going to hurt.” -Girl Minion.

We also enjoyed the illustrations. The colors were bright, with more neutral tones mixed in. Girl Minion loved all the watermelon on each page!

WATERMELON MADNESS presented us with a bit of a cultural experience, as I know very little about Middle-Eastern foods. Some of the things Noura eats – like Molokhiya and Zaatar – were unfamiliar to me so it was fun to learn what people in other countries eat (besides watermelon, of course!).

AGE LEVEL: 3-8 years
GRADE LEVEL: Preschool – 2
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Watermelon Madness
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WATERMELON MADNESS is a light, fun picture book that teaches children the value of eating a balanced diet. I definitely recommend sharing this story with your littles!

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  1. I love how you call your daughter! 😀 Books are a great way to bring other culture and food info into the home, great pick, would look into this one too!

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